How I Started My Writing Career

Trying to start a career as a writer is something that can be extremely difficult to do.  I had sent my work to many different publishers, but I continued to get rejection letter after rejection letter.  Dealing with so much rejection is obviously not something that is good for your mental health, and I had thought about giving up constantly and simply moving on with my life.  However, the more rejection letters that I dealt with, the more determined that I seemed to be.  I would not give up on my dreams, and I would fight tooth and nail in order to finally build a career out of my writing.

Of course, every writer believes that they are good enough to be professionals, but not everyone is.  It could have just been that I had deluded myself, making myself feel as though I was better than I actually was.  The only real way to figure this out for sure was to keep trying.  I had heard stories of many successful writers who had received tons of rejection letters, and that sort of fueled my passion.  Still, I knew that if I was going to ever truly find success, I would have to do it my own way.  It was at that moment that I decided to start my own blog and share my work in a self-published form on the internet.

Well, setting up my blog was very easy, but getting people to read it was a little bit more difficult.  There are many different free blog sites out there, but simply posting on a blog site does not guarantee that anyone will ever read what you post.  I needed to use social media in order to promote myself.  Because Instagram was the site I used the most, I decided that I needed to find a way to buy Instagram followers.  But how should I go about doing this?  I had plenty of other contacts on other social media sites, but trying to get more Instagram followers seemed like a difficult task.

I found a website that guaranteed more followers on Instagram almost immediately.  For a small fee, they would promote your social media page and ensure that you had a whole boatload of new people looking at your posts.  Because it did not cost a whole lot of money, I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot.  How could it possibly hurt, after all?

Well, I was absolutely amazed by the results.  In a matter of weeks, I had thousands of new followers, and my blog was getting way more hits than ever before.  I was quickly able to monetize my blog by offering ad space on it, and the rest is history.  Sure, it might have been better to actually get published and in print, but the fact that I was able to find success publishing myself really does seem to speak quite a bit to my own personal level of tenacity.